• School Charters and Fieldtrips

    School Charters and Fieldtrips

    For just a fraction more than the cost of a standard school bus, comfortable full coach buses are now an option.

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  • Event Planning and Logistics

    Event Planning & Logistics

    We'll help you achieve a streamlined, safe, and hassle-free event.

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  • Park & Ride/Fixed Route Shuttles

    Park & Ride/Fixed Route Shuttles

    We have decades of experience providing competitively priced and reliable shuttle services.

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  • Bus Operations Management

    Bus Operations Management

    Extensive fleet resources to meet any need, timeline, and budget.

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  • Fleet Management & Operational Hubs

    Fleet Management & Operational Hubs

    We'll help you define and manage all the core transportation components of your large scale event.

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  • Bus Charter Services

    Bus Charter Services

    D&J Logistics is a trusted provider of custom designed charter bus services throughout the United States.

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  • Disaster/Emergency Response and Planning

    Disaster/Emergency Response and Planning

    We've evacuated hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States due to natural disasters.

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  • Conventions & Tradeshows

    Conventions & Tradeshows

    The leader in staffing and transportation solutions for the local and national convention and tradeshow industry.

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